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Routers troubleshooting

During setting up the router, you can be faced with various problems:

  1. Failure of hardware. The router does not work properly, and this leads to the fact that one or all of the network protocols do not work.
  2. Failure of software. Operating system on your computer or on a mobile device do not functioning properly.
  3. Incorrect settings. Incorrect configuration of software or hardware.

For the correct diagnostics of router problems it is important to determine group of problems. You can see the following operation manuals for the classification of your problem.  

Failure of software

  • Read the operation manual to see which light indicators should be lighted when the router is working properly. Usually this is a check light indicator, WAN-connection light indicator and the light indicator for each Ethernet-connection to the router. If one of the light indicators is not working properly, use the router troubleshooting guide to and try to reset the router to its factory settings.
  • When you connect one of the router network connectors to the computer via cable, then the relevant light indicator of router should be flashing. Light indicator will flash only when computer is turned on and the operating system is loaded.
  • If your device is determined by the network with the IP address which starts at 169.254, it means that something wrong with your router. The address that starts with 169.254 digits, assigned to the device if the router cannot assign the correct network address.

Important! In any case, try different ways of solving the problem before resetting yourrouter to factory settings, because reset function will delete your settings and returns the router to factory settings. Also, save the settings of Internet connection in your router's configuration interface before reset it to its factory settings so that you can enter them again after rebooting the router.

Failure of hardware

  • Your settings are correct and configured according to the description in the operation manual, but your network, however, does not work. Also make sure that the hardware is working properly. If both of the above facts are true, it is possible that a software error occurred on your device or on your router.
  • To determine whether there was a problem in the configuration software of the router or computer/mobile device, try to connect other devices to the router. If another device is working properly, then the problem has occurred on your computer/mobile device. If the connection still has problems, then problem caused by router.

Incorrect settings

If you can establish a connection using the router management interface and still use IP address or other IP address assigned to router, but it is still impossible to establish an Internet connection, then this means that the cause of problem in incorrect settings of router. If you using in your network router and modem together, note that the router shall be able to recognize your modem and the modem configuration shall be correct. For instructions on configuring a modem, see manual provided by your Internet provider, as well as the operation manual of your modem.

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