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DNS Server Errors

DNS means Domain Name Server, this is the server that is used to conversion a domain names of web sites in accordance with IP addresses of servers where this domains are hosted. For example, if you enter the www.microsoft.com address, then your browser does not know to which server its need to connect to perform a page request for www.microsoft.com domain. To get the address of the server hosting, firstly your server will try to establish connect with a nearby DNS server to obtain there IP address of the hosting server. If the local DNS server cannot find this information, then it forwards the request to another DNS server that has more conversions of addresses. Once the address is discovered, it will be send back to your browser and the browser will be able to establish connections with entered web site.

If there is a failure of your local DNS server or a connection with the next DNS-server cannot be established, then domain name that you entered to your browser will not be conversed to the IP address and your browser will not be able to establish a connection. This error usually invisible to the Internet users, because browser will try to load the next page until domain name will be obtained. Thus, everything except the DNS server can work fine, but you cannot use the Internet.

There is a great opportunity to minimize the factors that can lead to failure of the DNS server. Instead of using the DNS server, provided by local Internet provider, you can use the Google or

OpenDNS DNS server.

IP addresses of Google DNS server:


IP addresses of OpenDNS DNS server:


You can set abovementioned IP address as your standard DNS server and every time your browser will need to converse the domain name to the IP address, it will quickly send request to these servers instead of local DNS server. Considering that the Google and OpenDNS servers are very reliable, the chance that they will not work, will be much lower in comparison with the local DNS server.

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